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What are the needs of the skin in our day to day?

The skin can change over time and can even do so during a specific period of our lives and where before there was a T zone that gave us a lot of problems, now we suffer from a situation of intense dryness. Skin normal, mixed, dry and oily, are the four values ​​that are normally taken into account for dermatological diagnoses. However, there are external and internal factors that can influence to change the label that we have always worn.

How to have beautiful skin depends on these factors. The internal factors that affect the skin are those related to age and with the Genetic heritageWith these we can take precautions to reduce the passage of time; while the external factors They are those that are related to the environment where we live and the lifestyle we have. In these two types are differentiated: The uncontrollable ones such as cold, environmental dryness, the sun, free radicals and pollution that, although they cannot be controlled, measures can be taken so that they do not affect our skin. Second, there are those that are controllable and that depend on our way of life, healthy habits, diet, stress and sleep. The state of our skin depends to a great extent on its control, both for better and for worse.


One of the Skin care in 2021 is to be alert to the dryness. This also arises from the lack of humidity, which decreases the activity of the sebaceous glands; and is that the protective shield of the epidermis weakens, causing a guaranteed roughness. The result? A dull complexion due to the accumulation of dead cells that appear in the form of a sallow and lack of luminosity. For this reason, it is time to focus on makeup, cosmetics and supplements to regain the freshness of the face and effectively cover the ravages of time.

Pass of the time

Another point to take is the poor environmental quality that accelerates the biological age of the dermis. The culprits are very common substances in cities: sulfur oxide from industrial plants, nitrogen from cars, carbon monoxide from tobacco or heavy metals. The most harmful of all? Ozone at ground level. All together they are capable of devouring the body’s antioxidant reserves and generating free radicals that damage cellular structures. If nothing slows them down and high sun protection is not applied (essential also in winter), the age of your identity document will go on the one hand, and that of the face, many years ahead.

The reaction of waste by the combustion of hydrocarbons in the presence of sunlight generates large amounts of ozone. Its presence reduces the levels of vitamins C and E, leaving the face more vulnerable. In addition, it deteriorates the lipids and proteins of the cells, causing a cascade effect that accelerates their degradation.

Ingredients that the skin needs

  • The master formula for every skin is based, on the one hand, on sesame, macadamia, hibiscus seed oils and, especially, chia, one of the richest plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. On the other, on vitamins: B5 reinforces the skin barrier and K2 strengthens the capillary walls. The sensitive skin they do not get rid of Teprenone, an active that calms irritations and improves the lipid barrier of the skin.
  • Oils are fatty extracts with cosmetic benefits that lubricate the surface of the skin. Its lighter molecular structure allows it to nourish the deeper layers. These concentrates extremely related to the dermis due to their high composition in water, are also absorbed immediately.
  • Red ginseng has the same effect on cold as a crucifix in front of a vampire: it annihilates it. In clinics, revitalizing treatments with red ginseng are sweeping.

To finish the cleansing with a charcoal sponge, the rice oil-based massage and the radio frequency that increases collagen levels are the opening act for the real star: the mask with red ginseng, an active ingredient so powerful that it shields the skin. skin against the aggressions of the day to day.

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