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what are the main projects to be dealt with by Congress

In any case, the agenda of sessions will have a virtual recess in the first half of January, and then slowly resume activity in both houses of Parliament until February, when the bulk of the initiatives will be discussed.

One of the central issues on the agenda proposed by the national government is the judicial reform approved by the Senate on August 27, but that Deputies could not advance since they had not yet managed to strike agreements with the opposition blocs.

The Front of All – led by Maximum Kirchner in the Lower House – it has 119 deputies, but of rigor there are 117 votes, since the President of the House Sergio Massa does not vote and Jose de Mendiguren he is on leave, which forces the party to seek agreements with the provincial opposition blocs to build a majority.

The Together for Change deadlock that leads Mario Negri It has 115 legislators and opposed most of the key projects for the national government.

This is what happened with most of the crucial laws, such as the Budget, Solidarity Contribution to Big Fortunes, fire management, the new financing system for the Buenos Aires police and the new pension formula.

For that reason and due to the lack of agreement, The ruling party has not yet been able to advance in the judicial reform that seeks to strengthen the Federal Criminal Justice with the unification of the Federal and National Criminal and Correctional Jurisdictions in Economic Criminal Matters under the name of Federal Criminal Jurisdiction based in the City of Buenos Aires .

Córdoba Federal, which has been accompanying the government’s projects, is opposed to the initiative, which complicates the outcome expected by the Frente de Todos, as these four votes are key to obtaining the 129 necessary to approve the initiative.

Official sources indicated that they are seeking agreements to be able to advance with the sanction of the project, since they do not want to open the debate and then have to stop the issuance of the opinion and its treatment in the premises due to the lack of votes.

Another key issue is the project that modifies the Law of the Public Ministry to be able to shorten the mandate of the Procurator and the majorities for its approval (by absolute majority instead of the two-thirds that it currently requires).

Another essential point is the modality in which the task will be developed in the Congress National, since while the Senate will do it with the virtual system, the Chamber of Deputies is pending to agree on a new operating protocol.

There, the strong parity of forces between the Frente de Todos y Juntos por el Cambio forces permanent negotiations on the system to hold sessions while the coronavirus pandemic lasts.

The number of deputies, unlike that of senators, puts at risk the necessary social distance in the committees and the session premises.

In the first stage of the pandemic, the opposition accepted remote operation but then there were fierce fights and some ended in court.

Even in recent months, only risk groups were allowed to use the telematics system.

But, beyond the system that is adopted to meet in extraordinary sessions, which will depend on how the levels of contagion of Covid-19 in the metropolitan area evolve, the projects that are discussed will depend on the levels of agreement that the Front of All achieves .

The bill approved by the Senate that establishes that negotiations on public debt with any type of international financing, including agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), must also have parliamentary endorsement must also be approved by the Deputies.

Other projects that deputies must deal with are related to the promotion of mortgage loans to acquire a single home and tax benefits to promote public works, which is one of the great generators of employment throughout the country.

Also pending treatment is the Bill voted by the Senate that establishes a frontal labeling on foods to warn about excesses of sugars, sodium, saturated and total fats, and quantity of calories.

Other projects are the financing of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation and the applicable legal framework in the territory of the Argentine Republic for the elaboration, registration, commercialization and control of Phytosanitary / Agrochemical products used for the protection, growth and development of the crops

There is also the proposal to replace different provisions of Law No. 26,912 and its amendments on the Legal Regime for the Prevention and Control of Doping in Sport and an initiative aimed at granting a one-time extraordinary benefit to the families of the and the crew of the ARA SAN JUAN Submarine.

In addition, the bill for which approves the support and fiscal inclusion regime for small taxpayers and the minimum budget for the implementation of Environmental Education.

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