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What are the Chinese vaccines that are applied in Latin America and what the results of the vaccination say about their effectiveness

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Three Chinese vaccines against COVID-19 from different laboratories are distributed in more than a dozen countries in Latin America: those from CanSino, Sinopharm and Sinovac.

The latter is the most used so far in at least 10 countries in the region.

In some countries such as Chile, where the distribution of these vaccines has been rapid, their effect on the population that has been immunized has been studied.

A study of more than 10 million people, published by the Ministry of Health of that country, shows very encouraging results with an 80% reduction in deaths and an 89% reduction in admission to intensive care units.

BBC Mundo spoke with Dr. Susan Bueno, who has led studies of the Coronavac vaccine at the University of Chile, and said that the results are a good sign and that they are promising,

“They are indicating that vaccination is effectively preventing the disease caused by this virus. It is an opportunity that we have to take it, to prevent that this virus can not only cause us a disease that leads to death but also a disease that can lead to death. weaken or affect our quality of life, “said Bueno.

In this video we tell you more about this and the other two Chinese vaccines that are distributed in Latin America.

Guion presentation and research: Ana Maria Roura. Video editing:Inma Gil. Publishing companys: Natalia Pianzoal e Inma Gil..

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