The young figure skater amazes not only with her skill and incredible artistry, but also with a very adult approach to life.

When this fragile 17-year-old girl steps out onto the ice, it seems that she is about to fly into the air, when, weightless, she rises up in another difficult jump. But Anna Shcherbakova cannot be broken by gravity, disease, or wild competition: a few days ago she became the new world champion in figure skating, confirming the title of the best figure skater in Russia. With a gold medal in her hands, she returned to Moscow – and did not even realize that she was in her homeland.

Due to strict restrictions, athletes who came to the competition in Stockholm could not even admire the local beauty. Shcherbakova recalls that it was impossible to get out of the special “bubble” in which international delegations should be. So she did not remember Sweden – the bus tour on the way from the airport to the hotel was clearly not enough for vivid impressions.

But the champion does not despair – she will still have time to travel, especially since she has already managed to worry about funds for the future. It is no secret that victories in major competitions are accompanied by considerable financial rewards.

For her first place, Shcherbakova received 64 thousand dollars, which translates to 4.9 million rubles. And these are just preferences from the World Championship, and Anna is the owner of other, no less serious titles.

What does an athlete do with her winnings? Considering that immediately after returning to the capital, she went to trainings, it can be assumed that she does not have free time for shopping. Shcherbakova does not aspire to part with the blood and sweat earned money as soon as possible, but does not want to add them up either. Father Stanislav comes to the rescue.

“I don’t spend prize money, I save it. So far I do not have a concrete idea where to invest them, but my parents help me with this, ”the skater admitted. The father tells his daughter where it is better to invest, what shares to choose so as not to lose money, “so that the money does not just lie, but that it grows, so that the money works.”

Such an adult approach to business can be traced in Anna not only in financial matters. For example, she remembered the limitations that athletes are specifically taught at the dawn of their careers. She still had to break one of the rules in honor of her birthday, which fell just on the victorious World Championship. On the ice, the American figure skater Nathan Chen, who also won gold in men’s skating, presented Shcherbakova with a cake.

“We are taught that any food given to you is risky to eat. We have training courses so that we don’t make mistakes. There is a separate item about food, ”said the athlete.

But a birthday, as they say, is only once a year, and the World Championship is not won every day. And Nathan is still a reliable person. Shcherbakova shared her sweet gift with friends in the locker room. “If you take risks, then together,” the champion laughs.

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