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“Welcome to the zoo” – flood victims defend themselves against gawkers with signs

“Feeding prohibited! Touching prohibited! ”No, these signs do not belong to a zoo, they stand in front of the destroyed house fronts in Mayschoss (Rhineland-Palatinate) and are aimed at disrespectful flood tourists!

Review: In July, masses of water shot through the community of around 1,100 people in the Ahr valley, destroying houses, streets and human lives. Almost three months after the fatal flood disaster, the situation in the village is still catastrophic. Because although numerous people are still making pilgrimages to Mayschoss, the construction work is only progressing slowly. The reason: The people who came here are not helpers, but rather gawkers!

Now the residents are making it very clear: Mayschoss was once the home of real people who have lost everything since the fatal flood disaster in July. It’s a place of mourning, a place of destruction. The community is not one thing: a zoo for sensational gawkers!

Resident René Voss (37) has had enough of the onlookers, says: “We have a lot of disaster tourism on the weekend. When we are out here with heavy wheel loaders, excavators and cranes, they stand in our way. They block the street, take photos. “

The motive of the gawkers: a community on the ground. The flood of the century stole everything from people, extinguished livelihoods. Four residents and two tourists died in the water. Of around 400 houses, 150 are affected, 80 no longer habitable since the flood. Only half of the residents still live here – and in their misery they are exploited and humiliated by flood tourists!

“No one lives in the Lach district at the moment. It is the worst affected district, ”says Mayor Hubertus Kunz to BILD.

“It sucks. Anyone who works here and takes a photo with the shovel in hand is no problem. That should also be spread in the media that it is still bad. But the families who go down here with their children and take photos, I don’t want to see them here, ”says Voss, criticizing the shameless flood tourists.

With the signs, the residents want to hold up a mirror to the flood tourists. Voss demands: “Then they should also lend a hand and not just drive past here in the fine thread and the cleanly cleaned cars while we are all working here. I find that inappropriate. “

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