Weather in Mendoza: alert for severe storms and hail fall

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After a day of intense heat during the first day of 2021, the forecast anticipates severe storms and occasional hail fall for this Saturday.

According to information from the Directorate of Climatic Contingencies, the day will be presented with a decrease in temperature, moderate winds from the northeast rotating to the south sector. Precipitation in mountain range. Possible severe storms in cultivated oases. The maximum will be 30º and the minimum 21º.

Sunday, meanwhile, will continue cloudy with little change in temperature, light winds from the northeast. Weather conditions improve. The maximum will be 30º and the minimum will be 16º.

Finally, on Monday the temperature rises, with moderate winds from the northeast. Unstable towards the night. The maximum will be 33º and the minimum 22º.

Storm alert

The National Meteorological Service issued a storm alert for the province.

As indicated by the agency, “the occurrence of storms is expected, some locally strong accompanied by abundant rainfall, intense gusts, hail fall and significant electrical activity. Accumulated precipitation values ​​between 30 and 60 mm are expected, which may be exceeded in a timely manner “.

In that sense, from Civil Defense they also warned about the fall of hail and reported that the rainfall will occur throughout the provincial territory.

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