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“We were idiots” – alcohol, water slide – legs broken!

If you are drunk you should neither drive a car nor slide down a water slide …

Claire Vickers, 46, drank in a pub for four hours. Should be more than enough, one might think – but not for the mother of five and grandmother of two. She visited her buddy Barry Douglas (44) and took another slap with him. Then both had a supposedly great idea …

► At 2 a.m. they went to the local swimming pool in Hampshire, UK and crawled under the fence. The goal: the water slide, which of course was on display at this time of night. Still, the two wanted to slide. Claire Vickers got some water and sat on the track. Your buddy behind it. And off we went!

The fun only lasted until they saw the end of the slide – because that was blocked with a barrier. Claire and Barry pounded it at full speed! It must have crashed when all of the bones in Claire’s left foot broke and her shin pierced her skin.

“I couldn’t think clearly anymore because the pain was excruciating. It was like being in a horror movie, “she says loudly,”Daily Mail“. “I looked at Barry, who was in a fetal position and was silent. I thought we were going to die. ”Buddy Barry broke both his ankles and his left leg in the senseless act.

Claire kept knocking on the slide to attract attention – until the police finally came and an ambulance took them and Barry to the emergency room.

Both want to share their story as a warning. “We were idiots, that’s supposed to be a lesson.” How true …

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