“We want water”, the desperate request of a group of neighbors in front of ABSA

Dozens of residents from different sectors are demonstrating this morning in front of the ABSA offices over the conflict with water in Bahía Blanca.

Shouting “we want water”, they came with buckets and jerry cans to demand better service. Some entered the offices, where they were greeted by company employees.

It is worth remembering that the problem has been going on for a long time and the discomfort is increasing: many people from Bahia spent Christmas Eve and Christmas without water, and at least two months have been very hot.

“They have not done the works and they close one valve to open another. The washing machines are not running or the tanks are filling. We have the right to have a pool, to water our plants, but the ineffectiveness and corruption make it worse every year”, said a neighbor in front of the ABSA offices.

And another neighbor added: “In the midst of the pandemic they have continued to build and give construction certificates; don’t lie to us and try to be stupid. They tell us it’s because of the algae and the pools, they’re not ashamed. I’m not going to pay.”

Another man who has been without water for 4 days said that more than 25 neighborhoods are in trouble and regretted that the company gives “evasive answers.”

“We are in a pandemic and we have no way to sanitize ourselves. We ask for a ‘water emergency now’ and that the mayor [Héctor Gay] take charge of the claim. “

On this subject he also spoke for LU2 a neighbor from the Patagonia neighborhood, who asked for “solutions NOW because they are whole days without service.”

María de los Ángeles Montes de Oca pointed out that “there is not much response from ABSA.” In turn, he said that the company sends few trucks for supplies and that they only deliver until 4 p.m.

Although he acknowledged that the works for a definitive solution take a process and takes time, he said that ABSA can take some measures to alleviate the situation.

“They can put more trucks and distribute water for a greater number of hours. Also give information: to explain why there is no water. On the 22nd, information came out about the rupture of a conduit that goes to the Pole and that much of the water in Bahia I was going to the Pole, but they didn’t say if that was fixed or not, “the neighbor questioned.

About, The new one. he contacted the company and ABSA denied that information: “For more than 20 years the industrial aqueduct has brought raw water to the Pole; it is not treated,” they assured.

In this way, they ruled out that the water used by the Pole influences the lack of service or the low pressure suffered by many sectors of Bahia.

The Patagonia neighbor also spoke about another measure to consider to get through this difficult time.

“I believe that with minimal will something can be done. We do not want the projects to be stopped and we ask that it be tendered immediately, so that the works can begin to be carried out as soon as possible. In the meantime, a solution to alleviate this situation: perhaps scheduled cuts so that one is prevented and collect water, and not be 4 days without service, “he said.

María de los Ángeles also said that all the neighbors are connected by this issue and that very few neighborhoods have water.

“We know of an address that requested the truck and it was not because it was a single address in that sector […] It takes time because it’s a decades-long problem, but we need a solution now because it’s days without water. We don’t want them to come and tell us that there is a project, we need an answer now, “insisted the neighbor.

This morning a group of residents mobilized in front of the ABSA offices, to then go to the Deliberative Council and the Municipality. At 11, there will also be a protest in front of the Patagonia plant to ask for better service.

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