“We want to vaccinate all Argentines and Argentines …

The Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, affirmed this Saturday that one of the Government’s goals for 2021 is to “vaccinate all Argentines“against the coronavirus, while highlighting that the arrival of the first doses of the Sputnik V vaccine” made the majority happy “of the population.

The goals for next year are to vaccinate all Argentines; that the economy and jobs recover; and that we reduce poverty“, said the coordinating minister in radio statements. In addition, he asked the society “Pull everyone forward without pettiness to get out” of the situation generated by the pandemic.

Cafiero stressed that President Alberto Fernández will define the details of the start of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 this Saturday afternoon, after the arrival of the batch of 300 thousand doses of Sputnik V vaccines. “They are vaccines that the National State and they are free for all provinces. We have to claim what we are, “he said, while ensuring that “Today begins the distribution stage” to the provinces.

Regarding the arrival of the doses in Ezeiza, he said that “the majority of Argentines were happy with the arrival of the vaccine, and that is important because it represents the hope and expectation that the page will be turned, when that vaccination campaign is already throughout the federal territory. “

He also highlighted the “large number of volunteers who signed up for this vaccination campaign, doctors, male and female nurses, in addition to the logistical support of the Security Forces and the Armed Forces.” In this regard, he stressed that “it is becoming increasingly evident that no one is saved alone, less in this situation.”

When asked about whether the President will be vaccinated in this first stage after Russia announced that the vaccine is suitable for people over 60 years of age, Cafiero said on Radio 10: “Although the President is neither a doctor nor a patient, they are the first who are going to be vaccinated, today we are seeing -to be vaccinated- as an image to demystify any kind of debunking that was done to the vaccine”.

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