“We have the water and we are in the desert”; NL Health Secretary for Covid vaccines in the state

Monterrey.- The State Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos, attacked the federal government’s strategy to keep them stored in the facilities of the DHL company in the Mariano Escobedo International Airport of this city the vaccines against Covid-19, which arrived on Saturday and will be taken to Saltillo until Monday, to apply to the medical personnel of Coahuila.

“The vaccines arrived, the information I have is that they are still stored in Nuevo León and tomorrow they will be applied in Coahuila. Imagine, having the vaccine and we do not apply it, that bothers me and I have to be clear and say it, we have the water and we are in the desert, there is the pond with water, but we cannot drink it in Nuevo León or anywhere else, “he lamented.

De la O Cavazos added that the vaccine against Covid-19 cannot go one day without being used because “we are at war against an invisible enemy”, and gave as an example that one day he was in a colony of Monterrey “we vaccinated 14 thousand people – against influenza – in one morning ”.

Therefore, he boasted, “in a while they give us the vaccines, all the ones they have there, we will put them in mid-morning if they give us them, and I hope they give us those vaccines.” Well, he said, “I do not want to get into situations that are not foreseen at this time, there is a logistics at the federal level that will be arriving little by little, but we are in a war situation, a critical situation”, and action should be taken different.

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“Those of us who see patients, who have died of patients and who have cried with the patient’s family, we feel them”, instead, he said, “being behind a desk drinking coffee, looking at papers and signing, is all give, but it is not correct, we must be much faster than the virus ”.

The Secretary of Health explained that at this time the vaccines that arrive have to be applied immediately, “there is no bureaucracy to do, but the government is slow, obese, and very difficult to move.”

Manuel de la O insisted on the demand of the Federalist Alliance that the federal government allows the states and the private initiative to buy anti-covid vaccines, as it affirmed that the results will multiply.

“In the United States they have already opened it to all the states, and I read some information that even Walmart and some pharmacies will apply it,” for that reason, he said, in Mexico there are almost 130 million people, and in Nuevo León little less than six million, it takes a grand strategy to get everyone vaccinated.

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Instead, he said, on the first day three thousand people were vaccinated in the country and today another three thousand, “I hope that more will arrive because they are not enough, it is necessary to use many more laboratories and be faster, more efficient to vaccinate all of us” .

On the other hand, Manuel de la O showed concern because today there were four consecutive days with infections of covid-19 on the rise, after they had been declining as a result of even essential business closures that took place during the corresponding Saturdays and Sundays on the fifth, sixth, twelve and thirteenth of December.

After there were 895 patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus on December 7 (the highest number since the pandemic began), with measures to restrict mobility and closures of establishments, it was achieved that, by December 23, December, the infections will be reduced to 505; but from then on there were 510, 524, 530 and 538 cases.

At the same time, as the health of people who contracted the virus worsened when the highest peak of the pandemic occurred during the first half of this month, hospitalizations have been increasing, because while on Saturday there were 1,414, which was the Highest occupancy since August 1, when there were 1,503 hospitalized patients, and constitutes the record for occupied beds in the entity. Today 1,444 people were hospitalized, 30 more than on Saturday. It is worth mentioning that in the state there are 2,366 beds for covid patients, of which 559 are intensive care.

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