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"We have a great responsibility": Fuenzalida’s message for the health crisis

After the defeat against Audax Italiano in Rancagua, José Pedro Fuenzalida analyzed the match in dialogue with TNT Sports. “I think it was a tight match. We had the best in the first half, and in the second, at the moment we were going to push, they scored a goal from a center. I think the game changed there. We tried, and they knew it. they retreated, “said Chapa.

“There were few options, little space and we ended up with a negative result for us. There is still enough to work. There are several players that we are rejoining. We are a team with a new technician. It is part of the learning that we have in this first stage “, he deepened, and about the injury that marginalized him from the courts was clear.

“There is always something left. Little by little we will improve the level. There is still time for that, but I will do my best”, explained José Pedro Fuenzalida who, finally, sent a powerful message in the midst of one of the most critical moments of the pandemic in Chile: “We are trying to do our best, so that we can continue to be active.”

“We know that all people are taking care of themselves at home. I invite you to continue taking care of ourselves. You have to make the last effort. Obviously it has been a very hard year for everyone, the previous one too. In football we also have a great responsibility. We have a privilege to be doing our business and we are very responsible for the measures we have to take. Negative things affect us “, he complemented.

“So I invite once again, both my teammates and the rest of the clubs, to continue taking care of us and being very responsible. We want to continue playing. We understand that it is very good for people to continue our activity, “concluded the former Colo Colo.

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