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“We have a complete family again”: Bari Alibasov’s son reunited his parents secretly from Fedoseeva-Shukshina

Now the producer and Uronich live in the heir’s apartment in Kaliningrad, where they feel quite comfortable and do not even think about returning to the capital. Alibasov Jr., according to his confession, cannot get enough of looking at happy mom and dad, because seeing them together was his old dream. “Mom is not just caring for dad, they have mutual feelings. We have a complete family again, ”the couple’s heir shared with StarHit.

It seemed that harmony had finally reigned in this family, but there is one thing that spoils this idyll: legally, Bari Karimovich is still married to Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

The showman would be happy to break off relations with the artist on paper, but Lydia Nikolaevna does not want to give him a divorce in any way. Why? Alibasov himself cannot answer this question.

“Alibasov Jr. managed to bring his father and mother together secretly from Lydia Nikolaevna,” said a friend of the scandalous family, lawyer Alexander Benkhin. – I must say that Fedoseeva-Shukshina was never jealous of Bari Karimovich, because she knows very well about his love for other women and has long come to terms with his polygamy. I remember that I took part in a talk show with her, where the masseuse announced that she was supposedly expecting a child from Alibasov. Lydia Nikolaevna did not even blink an eye when she heard about this, and even said that she was ready to become the baby’s godmother. So her sense of humor can only be envied, she is great. Shukshina cannot visit Alibasov in Kaliningrad, because it is risky for her to travel due to health problems. She is waiting for him in Moscow. “

It is still unknown when Bari Karimovich will return to the capital, but his son comes here quite often. Just the other day, a Moscow court acquitted Bari Jr. in the case of a fight with his father’s former colleagues Valery Yurin and Andrei Nazarov, which happened a few months ago on one of the programs of Channel One.

In case of loss, the showman’s heir could lose three million rubles and even go to jail, but he managed to avoid such an unenviable fate thanks to his lawyers.

“Our sleepless nights with Sergei Ilyin plus four meetings were not in vain! On April 1, the court fully acquitted Bari Barievich Alibasov on charges of committing a crime under Article 115.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Intentional infliction of minor harm to health” due to the lack of corpus delicti! We have been proving this for a long time! ” – Benkhin emphasized.

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