“We fell crazy”: thus a group of kids fled from a clandestine party | Chronicle

During the weekends it is very common to see police procedures in different parts of the country, due to the large number of clandestine parties that take place. “celebrate” without any type of authorization, regulation or safety and health protocols, to avoid contagion of coronavirus.

This is the case of an illegal meeting that took place on Provincial Route 7, 5 kilometers from the city of AƱatuya, in Santiago del Estero.

In a video released in recent hours through social networks, a group of excited kids can be seen shouting “We fell crazy crazy what wave” and “High ‘clande’ crazy”, before the arrival of police officers to the place.

Likewise, it should be noted that the uniformed men had broken into a farm where the clandestine event was taking place in the early morning hours. which was attended by about 400 people.

After the police arrived at the scene, the attendees quickly fled, some of them hiding in hilly areas near the farm. One of whom was in charge of filming the scene, while they fled the place.

During the procedure, 33 people were arrested and 14 vehicles, both motorcycles and cars, were hijacked. The prosecutor on duty, Dr. Maria Emilia Ganem, ordered that a sanction be applied to the persons who were identified, for violating article 205 of the Penal Code.

The video of the escape

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