Followers of Sasha Zvereva know that the star lives on high vibrations. A mother of four children especially honors nature for the opportunity to become a parent.

Sasha Zvereva has long ceased to be associated with the soloist of the Demo group. Now the star is active on Instagram, and several million of her subscribers are watching with special trepidation the sacred meanings that Sasha shares. This time, a mother with many children spoke about family traditions.

Recently, Sasha Zvereva decided to share with subscribers not only an ideal picture of her life. Earlier, the star told subscribers that in her family, like many others, there are quarrels with her husband and a catastrophic lack of communication with children.

However, we all know that Sasha is simply not capable of being so “average” in everything. The circumstance, which is clearly out of the ordinary ideas about motherhood, was the reverent attitude towards the placenta – the organ that “fed” beloved children.

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“If someone 20 years ago had told me that I would be a woman with a bunch of kids and family traditions, I would have laughed my trademark laugh with a hoarseness. I create family traditions myself. Which ones I like. I like not getting rid of the placenta after the birth of children, it seems to me very offensive: for 9 months the organ saved practically your child, fed him every second, grew up with the baby and served as a guardian angel. And what a shame after birth even not to see the mother’s placenta, thanks to which the life of your most beloved person became possible! Don’t even thank! It is simply thankless to dispose of it by throwing it into a trash can with the signature “waste of group B”. All the placentas of my children are gratefully and respectfully planted in the earth (everything that exists and has served should be given over to the earth, nourish it, as a tribute for the fact that it nourished us all our lives). And on top, to designate the place of power, trees were planted, which have become the personal trees of everyone: Vasilisa-apple tree, Makar-juniper tree, Leva-lemon, and Seva-olive, ”Sasha wrote on her Instagram.

This is not to say that Sasha’s fans did not previously know about such a “quirk” by Zvereva. Apparently, having decided to share personal details to the end, Sasha wanted to discuss the fate of her placentas in more detail.

Among the followers of Sasha, there will certainly be her followers, because Zvereva suggested to those who could not properly honor the placenta, “mentally send her love and gratitude and ask them to send children fertile health.”

Perhaps, of the entire post, this was the most controversial tradition in the Zvereva family. Sasha’s further relations with trees and mother nature already fit into the conventional framework of “normal”.

“But also another creation of mine – the birth of a family, our co-creation with Dan wanted to celebrate by planting a tree. We chose a beautifully blooming California sweet pea bush with lilac flowers! We arrived at the very place where they played the wedding and planted our family tree on a hill in my favorite town of Ohai. Now we drive for 1.5 hours, “Sasha shared with subscribers.

In addition, Insta Mom said that she also has more mundane traditions, such as riding bicycles and eating ice cream.

It is worth noting that Sasha’s followers fully support her “increased” spirituality. That is why we hastened to share our family values ​​and traditions in the comments.

Recall that Sasha is raising four children – Vasilisa, Makar, Leva and Seva. Although Zvereva’s previous marriages with the fathers of her beloved offspring did not work out, now she is happily married to American Dan, with whom she regularly shares happy pictures on her blog.

Photo: sashazvereva / Instagram

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