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‘We come because there is no money to fill the oxygen tank’

It is the first days of the year and on the esplanade of the Iztapalapa mayor’s office dozens of people wait to fill oxygen tanks for relatives diagnosed with Covid-19.

Here the New Year’s celebration mattered little; contrary to it, with anguish and despair Several people were trained from six in the morning to refill their oxygen tanks, since since the mayor’s office offers to fill oxygen tanks for free, hundreds of people are trained every morning to access this support before the pandemic.

One of those people is Jorge Alfredo, who came to fill a tank for his mother, Mrs. Patricia, recently diagnosed with Covid. He, like many of the trained people, does not have the financial solvency to go to the filling centers.

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“When my mother got sick, we took her to a hospital, they gave her oxygen and treated her; However, that left us without money, that’s why I came here to refill the tank, since they tell us that we will occupy it for several days, the truth is that we no longer have money to do it in an establishment ”, says Jorge.

Jorge does not know how much it costs to fill a tank, he has also been alerted that many establishments have raised the prices of tanks and refilling. “The truth is that I don’t even know how much the tank is, nor how much they charge to fill it, what they tell me is that due to the high demand the prices of everything related to the oxygen. For now I will come here whenever I can ”.

Just like Jorge, Mr. Miguel comes to fill an oxygen tank for his wife Claudia, 47, she suffers from asthma and was diagnosed with Covid-19. He mentions that he occupies a daily tank and that he rations it during the day and night.

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Those who were trained since the early morning comment that filling a tank costs between 150 and 180 pesos.

“We have to use a tank daily, but since I can’t be charging it twice a day, we ration the oxygen to last us through the day and night, so only when its oxygenation is when you occupy it. We try to make it last as long as possible, ”says Miguel.

Miguel is grateful that the mayor’s office provides this support, since he spent between 150 and 180 pesos a day on each oxygen recharge, in addition to the cost of transportation, which reduces financial solvency to buy the medicine prescribed for his wife.

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“I fill the tank daily, with this support that the mayor’s office gives at least I will use that money to buy the medicine to my wife. I believe that I will come every day that they are here in the mayor’s office refilling the tanks ”, affirms Mr. Miguel.

Armando Nogueron, who came with his wife and son, will come whenever they can to fill out a oxygen tank, since the man has not been employed since the pandemic began and has been collecting material.

According to the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, 50 oxygen tanks are filled per day on the esplanade.

They came from San Lorenzo Tezonco; the couple already had Covid-19; However, now they came to refill the tank of Cirilo, his neighbor, who has no support from his family and was diagnosed this week.

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“We came to help Mr. Cirilo, because since we couldn’t get out, we decided to support him by filling his oxygen tank, since he uses it daily. We will come every day that we can, since the prices of filling tanks have risen and neither he nor we have the money to buy oxygen ”, he mentions.

According to reports from city hall authorities, they estimate to fill 50 tanks a day; However, in response to the demand, on the second day they filled 62 tanks.

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