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“We are workers, justice be done” | I speak …

“We are going to insist that the fact be investigated as attempted murder with eventual intent“he assured Page 12 Martín de Vargas, lawyer representing Luis and Iván, the two motorcyclists who in the early morning of January 1 were attacked in La Plata by the car of Juan Ignacio Buzali and his wife Carolina Píparo, the deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires for Together for Change, who reported having been victims of an assault. In addition, the lawyer maintained that one of the security cameras of the Municipality of La Plata released this Sunday “is clearly edited to install in public opinion the hypothesis that they were chasing the alleged thieves. “In other words, the lawyer’s complaint points to the fact that the video was manipulated to favor Píparo. The Mayor of Cambiemos is in the hands of the macrismo. On the other hand, this Sunday Luis Lavalle, one of the young people who was run over, also spoke for the first time, who said that before the crash he heard an acceleration behind him and then the car “flew off the motorcycle“and then run away:”Let justice be doneNeither I nor my friends are any jets, we are all workers, “added Luis.

“If they attacked them because they were mistaken for thieves, this is a attempted murder, has the intent of having used the car as a weapon. We are going to insist that it be investigated as an attempted murder with eventual intent, “De Vargas sentenced, adding that” wherever you look at it no way to justify the facts, since they attack the boys there is a succession of crimes: they drag the motorcycle, they crash cars, people have to run so they don’t run over them, all at very high speed. “

The investigation of the facts, in charge of the prosecutor María Eugenia Di Lorenzo, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 17 of La Plata, is divided into two parts. The first focuses on the theft denounced by the provincial deputy, while the other – with the cover of “guilty injuries“and still without defendants – investigates the injuries suffered by the 17 and 23-year-old youths. Regarding the robbery, sources from the Prosecutor’s Office told this newspaper that all the evidence – specifically the 911 calls of the victims and neighbors – they point out that it existed, as Píparo denounced, so the facts would be proven.

However, no one could establish yet why the Fiat 500L from Buzali, where Píparo was riding in the passenger seat, ended up crashing the motorcycles of two young men who They say they were going with another group of friends to see the burning of dolls which takes place in La Plata for the New Year and they maintain that they had nothing to do with said assault.

“He hit me and blew me off the bike. The car He left with my motorcycle hooked for four blocks“Said Luis, the 23-year-old who was released this Sunday after suffering a severe blow to the head. Speaking to C5N, the young man said:” I was coming down 21st Street and turned to 39th Street. I was behind all the motorcycles, I turned to see who was coming, There was a car behind me and Píparo’s was passing it“Luis explained, adding that, before the crash, he heard” an accelerated noise “and after the impact the car” fled. ” According to the account of the young people and the witnesses to the event, it was then that the friends of the young people who were run over chased Buzali and Píparo’s car to ask him to stop.

This Sunday two videos of security cameras that recorded Buzali and Píparo’s car as well as several motorcycles that circulate around them. In one of them, recorded after the crash, a group of motorcyclists following Píparo and her husband’s car as they make a getaway. The video ends when the vehicles park in Plaza Moreno and it is curious that there none of the motorcycle drivers are singled out by Píparo or by her husband as responsible for the theft.

“Why did Darío Ganduglia, municipal security secretary, who is in charge of all the security cameras in the city Was he waiting for you in the Plaza Moreno? “De Vargas asked himself. The lawyer focused on the other video broadcast. There you can see what would be the moment before the crash, when three motorcycles are chased by the Fiat: “It is clearly edited, they are separate and glued pictures: the motorcycles pass by and in the next frame, when the motorcycles are no longer visible, the car passes, it is edited to install in public opinion the hypothesis that thieves were being chased“, asserted the lawyer.

“What is clear is that the boys had nothing to do with all of them one only knew the center of La Plata“De Vargas remarked. According to his account, in the early morning of January 1, the boys were traveling through the center of the provincial capital from the town of Abasto. Behind them, the father of one of the young men was even driving a car. finally took Luis to the San Martín de La Plata Hospital because, according to the victim, was not assisted by SAME. Luis, a worker in a car wash by day and a pizza delivery man by night, asked that “justice be done, neither I nor my friends are no jets, we are all workers“.

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