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Ways to take care of your face according to your skin type

It is important to take care of your face according to your skin type, because if you give them the wrong care you can have the opposite effect.

Therefore, you should know what your skin type is and see what care you should give it, so that you look radiant.

Oily skin is the one that has a bright tone in the T-zone of the face, and dry or combination skin is the opposite.

These are the care that you should give to your face according to your skin type

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, it is advisable to follow a very delicate beauty routine in the morning and at night.

In the morning apply a facial cleanser, or warm water to remove excess oil on the skin, and then do an ice massage on the T zone.

This way you can seal the pores and avoid skin sensitivity to the products that you are going to apply later.

You should also apply a toner as an astringent and a sunscreen to prevent the appearance of spots and hydrate the skin.

At night use a facial cleanser, apply a clay mask and hyaluronic acid cream to nourish the skin and avoid wrinkles.

Dry or combination skin

If your skin is dry or combination then you should also apply a cleanser to moisturize your face in the morning and then apply an ice massage.

Then apply a factor 50 sunscreen to nourish the skin, and you’ll be protected and with glowing skin.

Before sleeping you should do a cleansing with almond and rose oil milk to moisturize.

Also apply two or three times a week a mask, the oilier it is the better, and finally apply a mist to tone the skin, and a serum and voila, you will be perfect.

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