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Wauhuuu! – That dog bone is an asteroid

Cleopatra was actually adored by Caesar. Now you even howl every dog ​​after …

Scientists have now captured a wonderful phenomenon: an image of an asteroid named Cleopatra. Not a pharaoh – instead a space mass that looks like a dog’s bone in its rotation and moves with two moons between Mars and Jupiter, like the “Mirror“Reported.

The asteroid was first seen in 1880. The “bones” images were taken between 2017 and 2019 and were made by the “very large telescope” in Chile’s Atacama desert. Dr. Franck Marchis from the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California (USA) says that this asteroid can help us to learn more about our solar system.

By the way, Cleopatra is 270 kilometers long and 93 kilometers wide. So this “dog bone” could fill some sweet snouts. But: It is 201 million kilometers from our earth. To howl that no woofy can get hold of this thing …

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