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Water, rubble, broken houses – the flood disaster in pictures

West Germany is drowning!

Many places in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate are affected. Small rivers have become raging masses of water, devouring cars, houses, animals. 20 people died from the floods, including two firefighters.

→ In the community of Schuld (Eifel), the floods led to the collapse of six houses. In the town of 660 people alone, 70 people are missing. Drone images show the place almost completely under water. The Ahr, which otherwise meanders so idyllically around the forest and houses, has grown to lake level.

→ In Bad Münstereifel, the city center has been destroyed, the floods worse than the flood of the century in 2002.

In other affected communities, no one has yet been able to get a complete overview.

All current information on the flood situation in the live ticker

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