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Water bill will be more expensive in 2021

Javier Olmos
The Juarez Journal

Monday, December 28, 2020 | 11:35

The Municipal Water and Sanitation Board (JMAS) approved an increase in the drinking water rate in the case of domestic consumption by 6.7 percent by 2021.

The new tabulator that was published on Saturday in the Official State Newspaper establishes that for the minimum consumption that is from zero to 10 cubic meters, the cost for the user will rise from 197.75 to 211 pesos.

In this case, this year the increase had exceeded 10 percent, when it reached 197.75 pesos after having cost 179.75 pesos in 2019. In other words, in two years, the drinking water rate will go up 31 pesos 25 cents.

In the case of commercial accounts, the rate will reach 332 pesos next year for minimum consumption also from zero to 10 cubic meters, while the industrial rate will be 276 pesos. In 2020, the JMAS had established a different way of charging, since in the case of the commercial sector, 622 pesos were charged from zero to 20 cubic meters, while in the case of the industrial sector it was 652 pesos for consumption of 0 to 25 cubic meters.

Yesterday, more details were requested about the changes to the spokesperson of the decentralized company, but no information was obtained.

The tabulator establishes that in the case of household accounts, from 11 cubic meters the rate for the drinking water, sewerage and sanitation service will be 230 pesos; by 12 meters, 250; by 13, 269; for 14, 294 pesos, while for 15 the price will be 315 pesos. That is, for an extra 5 cubic meters, the cost will be 114 pesos more than the base rate.

Even with the increases, the Income Budget of the body directed by Jorge Domínguez Cortés contemplates a collection of 204 million 758 thousand 270 pesos less compared to what is projected for this 2020, with an estimate of 2 thousand 571 million 901 thousand 770 pesos when it was 2 thousand 367 million 143 thousand 500 pesos.

In its Expenditure Budget, the JMAS contemplates an expense similar to income with a savings amount of “zero”, as can be seen.

It should be mentioned that in the area of ​​public investment, the Water Board also intends to direct a smaller amount, of 356 million 400 thousand pesos, when for the current fiscal year it projected 584 million 962 thousand pesos.

These changes were approved on December 10 by the Board of Directors.

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