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Watches & Co auctioned – Now the greyhound is off to luxury

Hamburg – Your investors are said to have cheated you out of 200 million euros! Now the luxury life of the alleged wind farm cheat family Holt comes under the hammer.

While Hendrik Holt (31), his sister, his mother and his brother are on trial in Osnabrück (Lower Saxony), expensive watches, bags and jewelry are being sold in the Hamburg auction house “HT Hanseatische lndustrie-Consult Holger Haun & Tom Thomsen KG” the family auctioned.

The highlight: a Rolex platinum Daytona wristwatch with an initial bid of 73,000 euros. It gets cheaper for a Breitling watch from 1,600 euros or a Louis Vuitton bag from 550 euros. Absolute bargain: a defective 3-D printer with a starting bid of 1 euro.

The family’s noble villa in Bakum (Lower Saxony) had also been up for sale for months. Because nobody wanted to pay the 2.2 million euros, the price was reduced to 1.6 million.

No matter how much money is redeemed – the Schnösel defendant Hendrik Holt and his family get nothing. The entire proceeds end up in the bankruptcy estate, are distributed to creditors.

Hendrik Holt and his family are said to have ripped off investors and companies with forged documents on wind farm projects.

Always smartly dressed, Holt lived in frenzy, drove fast cars (including Bentley) and liked to stay in expensive hotels like the Berlin “Adlon”.

There he was arrested in the “Brandenburger Tor” suite (8,000 euros per night). The luxurious end of a luxury lie.

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