Washington: Trump employees resign – “I can’t do this”

foreign countries After violence in Washington

“I can not do this. I can’t stay ”- Several Trump employees step down

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“I was forced to rethink today”

After storming the Capitol, there was disbelief and consternation – even among the Republicans, who have so far loyally stood by Trump. Some Senators have now clearly turned their backs, including Mitch McConnell and Kelly Loeffler.

Ex-Chief of Staff and Special Envoy for Northern Ireland Mick Mulvaney resigns after the riots in Washington. Other US government employees had previously resigned.

FUS government executives distance themselves from Donald Trump. Mick Mulvaney, ex-chief of staff of the president, announced his resignation on CNBC. The deputy national security advisor Matt Pottinger and the spokeswoman for the first lady Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham, had previously resigned.

Mulvaney had been special envoy for Northern Ireland since March last year, but after the storm on the Capitol in Washington, he decided to resign. “I called (US Secretary of State) Mike Pompeo last night and let him know I was stepping down,” Mulvaney said. “I can’t do that, I can’t stay.”

Mulvaney worked for the government to make the US great again, for example through tax cuts. The president has a list of achievements to be proud of. “But all of that was lost yesterday,” said Mulvaney.

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He added that Trump was no longer who he was eight months ago. In March 2020 Trump dismissed Mulvaney as chief of staff and made him special envoy for Northern Ireland – a kind of consolation prize. Mulvaney had previously admitted that military aid to Ukraine had been frozen on the orders of the President.

The Deputy National Security Advisor to the Presidential Office, Matt Pottinger, has also resigned in the wake of the riots, as reported by several US media. National security advisor Robert O’Brien is also considering resigning, insiders told Reuters.

Ryan Tully, Trump’s leading advisor on Russia policy, no longer works for the president, according to government circles. A government official told Reuters that more resignations from members of the National Security Council are to be expected. “Those who stay, and I have spoken to some, only do so because they fear that the president might put someone worse in their place,” Mulvaney said last.

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