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Washington: Natalia Dorantes will be the first Latina woman coordinator of sports programs

Natalia Dorantes is only the third woman in the NFL to hold a similar position, after Callie Brownson and Sarah Hogan.

The Washington Football Team announced this Wednesday that it has hired Natalia Dorantes to serve as your American Football Program Coordinator, making it the first latin woman in occupying that role in the NFL. Dorantes She will also become the third woman to hold the position.

Dorantes He will work closely with, and coordinate the schedules of, various departments for the team, from the doctor to the scouting group. He will also work closely with the head coach of Washington, Ron Rivera.

Callie Brownson, chief of staff of the Cleveland Browns, and Sarah Hogan, operations coordinator of the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, are the other women who occupy roles similar to that of Dorantes.

Dorantes participated in the forum of women coaches in the NFL in February, and was part of the virtual round table of Rivera. She told The Athletic that she first contacted Rivera during that event via text message on Twitter, simply trying to “appear on their radar.”

She was the communications coordinator for the American football team of Texas A&M; joined the Aggies in 2017 as a creative recruiting coordinator after serving as a social media content creator for the NFL that same year.

Before that, Dorantes He was a social media intern for the Arizona Cardinals in 2015 and ’16. She was an intern as a student in the social media department of Arizona State from 2014 to 2015.

In the last 16 months, Washington contracted to a Latin head coach (Rivera), the first African-American president for a team of the NFL (Jason Wright), the first African-American assistant coach in the NFL (Jennifer King) and the first woman part of the team’s broadcasting box (Julie Donaldson, who also serves as vice president of media). Washington hired an African-American general manager early in the offseason, in Martin Mayhew.

Rivera told the team portal that he was typically in charge of the role he will now have Dorantes. However, while undergoing cancer treatments last season, he sought to lighten his load. He also told the club’s website that he likes not having to perform certain tasks and was looking for someone to permanently take care of that role. Rivera, the most important person in sports decision making in the organization, said that one of the reasons he wanted a general manager was for someone to take on that role to free him up and allow him to focus more on managing.

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