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Washington, DC: First Capitol squatters go to court – manhunt continues

The storm on the US Capitol in Washington has consequences for the first parties involved. As reported by the Reuters news agency, several people will answer in court on Thursday (local time).

The police chief of the capital, Robert Contee, last spoke of a total of 68 arrested in the course of the occupation of the congress seat on Wednesday afternoon. Most are accused of breaking the curfew. 26 were caught on the Capitol grounds.

They are also accused of carrying unreported or prohibited firearms, of breaking into the building without permission or of attacking security forces. It is unclear whether the federal police arrested other people.

“We still have a lot of work to do to identify everyone who participated in the violent mob and hold them responsible for their actions,” said Contee.

A total of four people were killed on Wednesday evening. A woman was shot by a police officer and died shortly afterwards. According to Contee, the police officer has since been suspended from duty and the incident is being investigated.

Three other people died because of “medical emergencies,” said Contee. 14 police officers were injured, two are still in the hospital. Two pipe bombs on party buildings owned by Republicans and Democrats were defused on Wednesday. Several Molotov cocktails were also seized at the Capitol.

The police are still trying to find other insurgents, also through the numerous videos on social networks. It is still unclear why people were able to enter the Capitol without much resistance. Police chief Contee said there was no evidence of a storm by the most important US democracy institution.

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