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Was the plane overloaded? – Parachutists fall – several dead!

A plane with parachutists on board crashed in Russia on Sunday. According to the Ministry of Civil Protection, at least 16 people were killed in the accident. Six inmates are said to have survived seriously injured.

According to initial information, the aircraft occupants were members of a local aero club in the Republic of Tatarstan. In total, more than 20 people are said to have been on board the aircraft.

The Ministry of Civil Protection confirmed to the Interfax agency in the morning the crash of the light twin-engine L-410 transport aircraft near an airfield in the city of Menselinsk. The machine is said to have crashed shortly after takeoff from about 70 meters.

The President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnichanow, expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victims and ordered a “day of mourning” this Monday for the entire republic. He said at the scene of the accident that shortly after take-off the pilots informed them that the left engine had failed. They therefore planned an emergency landing.

Even hours after the crash in the morning, it was unclear exactly how many people were in the machine. According to initial findings, there were 2 pilots and 20 passengers on board, later it was reported that a total of 23 people were on board.

On social networks, pictures of the wreck could be seen in a pile of logs. Accordingly, the machine crashed on the ground near a village. Helpers reported that the plane caught fire and that the fire was quickly extinguished. Pictures from the scene of the accident suggest that the machine also partially broke apart.

The cause of the crash was suspected to be an overload of the aircraft or a technical failure, which is why the pilot tried an emergency landing. The crash site is 290 kilometers east of the republic capital Kazan.

In Russia, dozens of people have already died in several aviation accidents this year. The reasons are often violations of safety regulations, outdated technology or human error.

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