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Walrus spotted off the Arctic coast of Wales

A walrus from the Arctic appeared on the coast of the British part of Wales over the weekend. “It’s an incredibly rare sight, these huge, beautiful animals don’t usually come that far south,” Ellie West of the animal welfare organization RSPCA told the PA news agency.

The organization had examined the animal – apart from a few scratches, it should be healthy, if slightly underweight.

A few days ago, walkers on the west coast of Ireland in County Kerry had already seen a walrus on a boulder. Biologists assume that it is the same animal – possibly stranded on an ice floe. “Presumably the young walrus went on a journey looking for food,” West suggested.

The animal welfare organization “Irish Whale and Dolphin Group” explains that there have been several walrus sightings in Ireland. But these were years ago. They were last registered in April 1999 and October 2004.

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