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Walking, Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul had no setbacks to overcome Toronto FC and thus take an important step towards the semifinals of the Concacaf Champions League

After Leon’s elimination at the hands of Toronto FC, Cruz Azul was expected to have a hard time playing this MLS team in the Concacaf Champions League. That it will cost him, even a little …

However, the opposite turned out. In a match in which the Machine started practically with its strongest team, it was enough for him to step a little, just a little on the accelerator to solve the game and perhaps the tie.

To tell the truth, Cruz Azul fell short at 3-1. Angulo stood out with a great goal and scored another. Aguilar did one more with authority, upside down. Reynoso was able to rotate players and even Santiago Giménez was active again with a good amount of minutes.

In a semester in which the Blues once again excite their fans with a great performance in the League tournament, they also have the luxury of going to the Concacaf tournament and mopping a team that drew in León and beat the Fiera at home . The flock of American teams means nothing when there is a team like Cruz Azul, so dominant and authoritarian when it comes to taking the field.

The problem for the celestial is that they will be able to advance to the Semifinals after the second leg, and the next round will not come until the following semester. And we know that in football, and especially in the case of Cruz Azul, anything can happen. In terms of this area competition, the Machine does not want the season to extend so long.

However, this game against Toronto (and the return game as well) helps Cruz Azul to continue growing in spirit, not to lose rhythm after Day 17 (the Playoff will come), rest and take flight towards the usual challenge.

The mission is known to everyone. Anything other than the league title will be a failure, especially after flying so high. And it is that the work of Juan Reynoso has been so brilliant that he did not even make use of that “mattress” that new DTs enjoy in their first tournament, where adaptation and knowledge of the squad tend to delay the results … or at least they serve as a pretext.

Cruz Azul wins, likes and scores. That’s the good news for your hobby. The bad? Not even that is enough as long as no one dares to remove that thorn that is deeply embedded in the heart. Will Juan Reynoso be the surgeon who removes that dagger that hurts so much?

Prepare the scalpel, the time for open heart surgery is about to come.

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