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Waitress gets tip at the end of 2020

Chicago –

2020 – a year that many will surely want to bury deep in their memories. The catering industry has also suffered from the corona restrictions. Especially then it is nice when waiters receive special appreciation.

The waitress Sarrah (21) from Chicago in the USA got a very special surprise from a restaurant guest at the turn of the year, as she spreads on Twitter.

Chicago: Waitress gets a big tip

The 21-year-old posted a photo of a receipt on the short message platform, on which the guest noted the unbelievable tip amount of 2020 dollars, the equivalent of around 1,664.61 euros, under the invoice number – an impressive 693.36 US dollars.

She writes about the photo: “I’m literally shaking.”

Waitress is reproached for high tips

The tweet has been liked 260,710 times so far (as of January 2, 2020, 12.30 p.m.). But instead of the other Twitter users being happy for the young waitress, she reaps reproaches.

For example, a Twitter user is certain that they actually only received $ 20 and wrote the rest themselves. “You wrote the two differently,” he says.

Another even alleged that she used a stolen credit card to pay off the large tip.

Waitress can’t understand tip allegations

Sarrah himself cannot understand the excitement of the other Twitter users. “I know it’s a customer copy, but it’s real. I didn’t write that myself and I don’t risk my job for a stupid tweet. “

She is deeply affected by the fact that so many question the authenticity of her story. On her Twitter page, she writes: “Why are people so worried because I got such a (money) blessing from this tip? Yes it is real Yes, the tip went through. Yes i get the money. Yes, I know what taxes are. “

Twitter comments or not – the end of 2020 will be particularly fond memories for Sarrah. (mie)

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