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Vucetich should take the ‘suitcases’ and leave, why are you waiting for the board?

Where is the self-criticism Mr. Vucetich and his professionalism? We are not going to discover the black thread if we say that under his command, Chivas is still one more in the championship

MEXICO — “The suitcases are there, that is the decision of the board, if they believe our work can serve them, it is something we know in advance”he declared last night Victor Manuel Vucetich, technical director of Chivas.

Really? Does having 13 points in 13 games make you leave the decision to the board of leaving or not? Where is the self-criticism Mr. Vucetich and his professionalism? We are not going to discover the black thread if we say that under his command, Guadalajara continues to be one more in the championship.

Blaming you for the situation is inappropriate, because there are also players who have loose their team shirt and arrived as figures and at the moment of truth they are one more on the field of play.

However, you Vucetich is fully responsible, together with Ricardo Peláez, who after his departure from America has not shown even in Blue Cross nor in the Chivas the high potential that we consider to have as a manager.

There are the results. Peláez brought names and not men to give luster to the history of one of the greatest teams in Mexico. He was recognized for his heavy hand in discipline. It has happily gotten out of hand, like landing and managing young people who live with the idea of ​​going to Europe when in Mexico they still do not prove anything.

There you have JJ Macias. I do not doubt his footballing and mental capacity, but that is not enough when it comes to giving results with the shirt that has forged great Mexican scorers. You should have some humility and understand that you are in a learning period, which will eventually take you to the Old Continent.

Back to the case Vucetich. It is in bad taste to wait for directive decisions to know that things are not working out. The only thing that the strategist makes clear is the interest in taking the slice of the institution’s economic pie.

“I’m not going, let them run me off”, to collect the high sums for compensation. And I’ve always wondered, don’t you get tired of earning thousands and thousands of dollars for your bank account? Because I do not believe that the ‘King Midas’ lives from day to day or does not have savings to ensure his future and that of his family with what he has gained throughout his successful career as a coach.

No, Mr. Vucetich, there are securities that cannot be exchanged for money. Do not come today to say that the suitcases are ready. Take them and go! Don’t expect to be run to add numbers to your ark. Do what people like Robert Dante Siboldi, who, feeling invaded professionally, chose to say goodbye to one of the major clubs such as Cruz Azul.

The Uruguayan did not wait with his suitcases at the door, he took them and left. I am sure that he will soon return to the scene of the First Division. There are questions of dignity and professionalism that are not changed for nothing.

I have nothing against Vucetich. He is a technician with a lot of knowledge, successful and recognized by all, but statements like last night only make it clear that they are step coaches, that they do not think about long-term projects, as was the last one with Matias Almeyda, committed to the red and white colors.

If we add to that that within the squad there is no full conviction of Víctor Manuel (known from good sources within the team), because it is a matter of time for Vuce to leave Guadalajara without a penalty of glory like many who have passed. for that bench, just take good money into their pockets and leave the institution adrift, except for the semifinals that ‘King Midas’ himself reached last season.

Guadalajara It is for large projects and coaches identified with the fans and the team. Honestly, Vucetich may know a lot about football, but he does not transmit that passion to the fans that follow the Flock.

Let’s say there is a short circuit as it also happens with your addresses. Coaches live not only on soccer and Vucetich in Chivas is grayer than the skies full of dark clouds in the middle of the rainy season.

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