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Vucetich assures that Chivas is recovering the memory

The technical director of Guadalajara recognizes that the team feels indebted to the public for the bad start of the tournament

The technical director of Chivas, Victor Manuel Vucetich assured that they have begun to recover the memory of the good time they lived in the last tournament, which is why they will now seek to close the championship in the best way, because they feel indebted to the people after the bad start of the tournament of their team.

“We are simply recovering that memory of the last tournament, we had not done it in this tournament in the best way, I think we are recovering that because we are in debt to the people, so we are looking with this bad start we had, to try to close the in a better way and in a dignified way to bring joy to all the people, “he acknowledged.

Vucetich He emphasized that he is 50 percent in debt to the fans, because they are saddened after not winning the victory against America in the National Classic, and now they are living a great moment after beating the Atlas in the Classic Tapatío with the repechage assured.

“They are two different things, one thing has nothing to do with the other, andwe are sorry with that game [Clásico Nacional] but today we are happy with this resultWe would say that we are with 50 percent, so the important thing is that the objectives continue and we are looking for that reclassification, and we will seek to close in the best way with one more victory against Tigres to climb in positions, “he added.

In the end, he recognized that there are elements that little by little have earned a place in the starting eleven, so he cannot be carried away by people’s comments, since they have to be congruent and respect the work of the players.

“If we get carried away by the comments of people who do not see the day to day, logically an inappropriate opinion comes out, we have to be very congruent and respect the players who work and they are gaining the opportunity, “he concluded.

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