Vomiting, alcohol and the opposite: the testimony that …

The cops of the 1st Police Station of La Plata, attended by Carolina Píparo and her husband, Juan Ignacio Buzali after running over the motorcyclists, they testified under oath that the legislator and her husband they asked to go to the bathroom several times, that there they vomited, that the vomiting and that they both had a strong smell of alcohol. He testimony of the uniformed not only compromises to Píparo and Bruzali, but also to the officials of the Municipality of La Plata, especially to the Secretary of Security, Darío Ganduglia, who did not take the breathalyzer test to the couple when appropriate.

The prosecutor María Eugenia Di Lorenzo is now investigating, on the one hand, the robbery suffered by Píparo; on the other hand, the subsequent run over of motorcyclists, and now also a cover-up maneuver which consisted of do not give them a breathalyzer to Píparo and Buzzali and then to make a manipulation of videos. To all this must be added that Píparo argued that after the robbery he went to seek police help, but they recovered images of the vehicle passing, backwards, at full speed, in front of the 4th Police Station in La Plata, and he did not stop: he kept going.


He drunk state and included a possible drug use was initially reported by a neighbor who rebuked Píparo and Bruzali after having run over Luis Lavalle and Ivan Coronel, two young workers. In the widely released video, Sara, the neighbor, exhibits them in eye-catching images: the deputy drinking soda -maybe to reduce the degree of alcohol- and disconcerted, While Buzali stayed in the vehicle like gone, absent.

The policemen testified under oath in the judicial case and they said that once Píparo and Buzali were taken to the police station, after being run over, they asked several times to go to the bathroom. They were heard vomiting and then the bathroom had to be cleaned, in addition to the fact that the troops perceived the smell of alcohol from the couple.

Of course, what corresponded was that they did the breathalyzer test when they approached the operation in which the Secretary of Security, Ganduglia, was. In the pictures taken by Sara, as well Ganduglia is seen in an attitude of defending Píparo -without much conviction, it is true-, but it is clear that there was a decision not to take the breathalyzer test.

The prosecutor is now studying whether it was not a cover-up maneuver. The lawyer for the legislator, Fernando Burlando, admitted: “Yes, the test was not done as quickly as it should have been.”. At noon, many hours after the events occurred, Buzali’s blood was drawn.


Throughout the day on Monday, Píparo and Burlando were changing their argument and tried to maintain that the run over was not intentional, but an accident.

However, the lawyer held the morning in Radio Miter, that Buzali and Píparo were confused because the motorcyclists had clothes similar to those of the alleged thieves. That then indicates that the run over was intentional. Later, they tried to change the argument and said it was an accident.

Nor does accidentological expertise seem to help them: It was established that the motorcyclists were run over from the side, not from behind, that is to say that it was with all the intention. It is very possible that the level of alcohol in the blood – or perhaps some other substance – has made you lose control.


Píparo’s public argument was that he went out to seek police help after suffering the robbery. However, images appeared showing that the legislator and her husband passed in front of the 4th Commissioner, backwards, at full speed, and they didn’t stop.

The police station is historical, that is, known to all, and in addition to having flags and a lot of signage. Still, the couple did not stop. It is clear that he did not seek police assistance.


The prosecutor Di Lorenzo, with the permission of Judge Marcela Garmencia, ordered the search of the Monitoring Center of the Municipality of La Plata. The suspicion is that the images were hidden and manipulated, because it was curious that Píparo and Buzali’s car was seen circulating throughout the city, but The amazing thing is that there are no images of the two central moments: the robbery and the run over.

Therefore, Di Lorenzo ordered that all the images from the streets be seized, but also the internal ones from the Monitoring Center, because he wants to see who worked in the assembly in the videos that were delivered to the media and the prosecution. The guard book and the register of all the entrances and exits of the Center were also seized.

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