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Volvo’s spectacular safety test that warns of truly dangerous damage

Source: Volvo Cars

Source: Volvo Cars

For decades Volvo has positioned itself as the company that is most committed to the safety of its vehicles, this being its main hallmark. However, the Swedish manufacturer also wants to be recognized worldwide for its commitment to sustainability, something they consider just as important.

This duality of objectives has been clearly reflected in their new campaign, which features a spectacular spot set in the Arctic Circle. That’s where Björn travels, a supposed Volvo worker whose mission is to find out what the ultimate safety test is.

In that striking place They have hung a Volvo XC40 Recharge from a crane at a height of 30 meters. Will they throw it to the ground to see if it can withstand the blow? Is that the ambitious security test you were talking about?

The surprise of the video

Not really, and we see it when a huge block of ice breaks off a glacier a short distance from where the vehicle is located. The true security test we are subjected to is climate change, whose damages are the most dangerous we can face.

To combat this global problem, Volvo has pledged that by 2030 all its cars will be electric, and they estimate that by 2025 half of its sales will already be electric vehicles. This will be the prelude to your great challenge, which is none other than be a climate neutral company by 2040.

We have dedicated our business to helping protect people’s lives both inside and outside of our cars. Now we will show the same dedication to help protect the planet”, Assured Håkan Samuelsson, Chief Executive of Volvo Cars.

The campaign, carried out by the Gray agency, will be broadcast through TV, digital, radio and a large number of media that guarantee that the message reaches the audience. Will Volvo make sure that in time the word that comes to mind when we think of its brand is not just “safety”? It doesn’t seem like an easy challenge …

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