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Voluntary help – Roland hammers and shovels for flood victims

Blame – He has come to help – no matter how much hardship he has to put up with!

When heating engineer Roland Waldauf (55) from Landshut (Bavaria) saw the television pictures of the flood in Schuld (Rhineland-Palatinate), he decided to get into the car and off he went. That was two months ago – since then he has been shoveling, hammering and comforting at the “Zum Köbes” inn. The helper hero tells his story in BILD.

Waldauf was on vacation when the flood laid the village in rubble and mud: “When I saw the people drown, I just wanted to help.” And: “I just came here. When my vacation was over, I took my overtime and now took time off from work. ”Unbelievable: The craftsman is currently even waiving his salary!

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Where is he staying? On the first floor of the inn, where he helps – free of charge. Roland Waldauf: “I can shower and wash clothes at the fire brigade who set up containers. Because there is no running water here. “

In the destroyed inn, the heating engineer helps with tidying up and setting up. Next up is the floor. “We have been waiting for an electrician for two or three weeks, but skilled workers are in short supply here.” This also applies to material! The helper had to defend himself against theft: “Wood is like gold here! That is stolen from under your fingers. “

It will probably take until March until the inn is rebuilt. The indefatigable wants to stay that long – maybe even longer. “The boss offered me a job when everything is ready here. If it fits, I’ll be happy to stay. ”To help.

BILD opens office for flood victims

BILD is there where help is needed – BILD lets quiet voices become loud! On Tuesday (September 14th) the BILD office “Eifelstube” will be opened for flood victims in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Rhineland-Palatinate) – right next to the tourist information office at Ahrhutstraße 26.

There had been a cozy inn there before the flood disaster. But the water masses destroyed almost everything. BILD employees are now available there every day to help you with concerns and needs.

Do you need help from the authorities, do you have no place to sleep, sink into the mud – or do you just want to let out your frustration? BILD is there for you!

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