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Volkswagen ID.4 GTX: with 300 hp, this SUV is the GTI of electrics

Following in the footsteps of the sporty GTI, GLI and GTE versions, Volkswagen’s family of electric vehicles will be distinguished by their high-performance variants under the GTX acronym.

Who launches this line of cars Sports electric cars is the ID.4 GTX, which stands out for its sporty appearance and its high dose of power.

What’s so special about the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX?

As part of this line of sports versions, the ID.4 GTX becomes the first model based on the Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform that has four-wheel drive thanks to the fact that it equips two motors -one on each axle-.

Together, the pair of electric motors that offer a power of 300 hp, have the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds. The maximum vehicle speed is electronically limited to 180 km / h.

In itself, the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX is a rear-wheel drive vehicle that functions as an all-wheel drive when the driver or road situation demands it.

  • It has a range of more than 450 kilometers.
  • It has a sports suspension.
  • The direction is progressive.

For this, the vehicle equips five driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport, Individual and Traction, with the latter permanently activating all-wheel drive.

Like the GTIs, the exterior design of this SUV stands out for aesthetic touches and exclusive body colors.

  • Redesigned fascias.
  • 20-inch wheels.
  • The distance from the ground is reduced by 1.5 centimeters.
  • The 3D LED taillight cluster with X-shaped brake lights.
  • Body color is more dominant than on rear-wheel drive models.
  • The roof and spoiler are black, while the roof frame bar is high-gloss.

Inside, the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX offers a sporty image, where the following elements stand out:

  • It has a new color scheme.
  • The upper section of the dash and the leatherette inserts on the doors come in a shade of blue.
  • Contrasting red stitching, a classic Volkswagen symbol, add accents to the seats.
  • The GTX logo appears on the steering wheel, on the running boards and, in perforated form, on the top of the front seat backs.

Volkswagen ID.4 GTX will be launched in Europe in the summer of 2021. In Germany, it will start with an entry price of 50,415 euros (1.2 million pesos), and customers will be able to apply for a (net) grant of 7,500 euros (180,000 pesos). ).

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