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Voice of America Says U.S. Special Envoy Will Meet With Bukele, But President Doesn’t Confirm

The Salvadoran president has not yet informed whether he will have an encounter with Ricardo Zúñiga during his visit to El Salvador. The special envoy is in Guatemala this Tuesday.

In a publication made by the News Agency “La Voz de América”, it was learned that the Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle of the United States, Ricardo Zúñiga, will meet “with President Nayib Bukele, with Public Security authorities and will make a visit to the Attention Center for returnees from the border with Mexico and returnees by air from the United States. “

However, Bukele has not yet confirmed whether he will hold meetings with the US official upon his arrival in El Salvador in the coming days, nor has he detailed the agenda to follow.

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The only one who has spoken about it is the Presidential Commissioner, Carolina Recinos, who said that “we are very willing to work with any initiative that comes to collaborate and that comes to contribute on a long-standing issue such as the issue of migration, “said the commissioner.

While the ambassador of El Salvador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, also published and later deleted a tweet in which she stated that Zúñiga would meet directly with Bukele, and detailed the agenda that the special envoy would have upon his arrival in El Savior.

Also, Mayorga explained on his Twitter account that the country is making efforts in different areas of investment and economic projection to prevent people from emigrating from El Salvador. He noted that embassies and consulates are working “actively to attract foreign investment” and other tourism projects carried out by the government such as Surf City and tariff incentives to attract tourism investment.

“These and other efforts continue to generate greater opportunities for Salvadorans not to leave the country, also, to attract investments that promote development poles and allow us to be a first-world tourist destination,” Mayorga posted on his Twitter.

Zúñiga’s visit was announced by the US State Department two days ago, who arrived in El Salvador after also visiting Guatemala, where he had private meetings with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei.

Zúñiga’s mission is to address “the root causes of migration and irregular migration in, from, and through the region, and humanitarian efforts to expand access to protection for those most in need.”

According to the official statement, Zúñiga plans to speak with “stakeholders about our broad and united efforts to address the root causes of migration and irregular migration.” It is not mentioned with whom he will hold such meetings.

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However, for foreign policy analysts like Napoleón Campos, the idea of ​​the State Department is to listen to other actors due to the loss of “trust” that the government of President Joe Biden has with the Salvadoran government.

He adds that Biden is more interested in knowing how El Salvador is fighting corruption, drug trafficking and respecting the rule of law, the Constitution of the Republic and the institutions.

California congresswoman Norma Torres said recently that the United States does not want to invest more money in governments that have not fulfilled their responsibility to curb corruption, this caused Bukele to react against Torres.

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