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Vodka madness – adulterated alcohol! 26 Totein Russia

The number of victims keeps increasing!

26 people died in southern Russia after consuming adulterated alcohol. As the authorities in the affected Orenburg region announced, more people died from serious poisoning on Friday.

The mass poisoning became known on Thursday. Orenburg is located around 1200 kilometers southeast of the Russian capital Moscow on the border with Kazakhstan. The number of survivors is currently 28, it said. For days, ever higher numbers of victims have been reported.

On Friday there were still 17 deaths. More people with particularly severe symptoms of intoxication and patients in coma have now died, it said. The governor responsible, Denis Pasler, announced extensive controls of sales outlets in the area in order to remove the adulterated alcohol from circulation.

Pasler warned: “Until the results are complete, alcohol consumption can be life-threatening.” More than 1200 glass and plastic bottles had already been confiscated.

Six suspects arrested

Vodka and other drinking alcohol can only be sold in Russia with official identification numbers. Nevertheless, serious alcohol poisoning occurs again and again, especially in the provinces, because drinks are sometimes made there from cheap but life-threatening industrial alcohol.

Six suspects were arrested for trafficking in the adulterated and unauthorized alcohol. They are said to have sold the drinks mainly in the city of Orsk in the Orenburg region, but also in other places.

It is one of the largest cases of this type in recent years. In 2016, 76 people died in Irkutsk after drinking alcohol containing a glass cleaner.

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