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Vizzotti assured that the Sputnik V vaccine shows “an efficacy that generates optimism” – Télam

The Ministry of Health of the Nation approved days past "urgently" the application of Sputnik V.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation approved last days “with urgency” the application of Sputnik V.

The Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, affirmed this Sunday that the results of the tests carried out by the National Administration of Medicines (Anmat) on the Russian vaccine Sputnik V show “an efficacy that generates optimism” in the fight to prevent the coronavirus “.

“The results show an efficacy that generates optimism,” said Vizzotti, who emphasized that “storage is a challenge, but it was never an impediment.”

The official said on Radio Rivadavia that she would “get all the vaccines that were approved by the regulatory agencies” and recalled that, in the case of Sputnik V, a visit was made in October to have information in relation to all the progress of the vaccine development “.

Vizzotti explained that “Argentina has a new law that guarantees extraordinary contracts without having results from chemical processes” which “specifies that it must have a recommendation from Anmat.”

The Ministry of Health of the Nation approved last days “as a matter of urgency” the application of Sputnik V in Argentina, after a report of recommendation of the Anmat that assured that the vaccine has not presented “serious adverse events”, but which “shows safety and efficacy in a range greater than acceptable.”

The recommendation of the Anmat and the approval of Health were given at a time when the operation was carried out to transfer the 300,000 doses of Sputnik V that arrived in the country on Thursday 24 mid-morning and that will be applied to essential health personnel of the whole country, simultaneously, starting in the next few days.

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