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Visible throughout the EU: Spain is planning an index for those who refuse to be vaccinated

Visible across the EU
Spain is planning a card index for those who refuse to be vaccinated

According to a new study, the vaccination readiness of the Spanish is increasing rapidly. While almost half of all citizens did not want a vaccination before, only around 30 percent now reject it. However, the authorities are working on a refusal index. Other Europeans should also be allowed to see them.

Spanish authorities are planning a register with the names of people who have turned down the offer of vaccination against the novel coronavirus. The register is not publicly available, but will be passed on to other European countries, said the Spanish health minister Salvador Illa in an interview with the television channel La Sexta. The authorities would act “with the utmost respect for data protection,” assured Illa. He emphasized again that no compulsory vaccination would be introduced in the southern European country.

According to a study published last Monday by the state polling institute Center for Sociological Studies, the proportion of those who refused to vaccinate in Spain has fallen sharply: 28 percent of those surveyed in December would refuse a vaccination. In the previous month this share was 47 percent. At the same time, the vaccination readiness of the Spaniards rose from almost 37 to more than 40 percent.

“Problem with temperature controls”: Biontech delivery is delayed

According to the government in Madrid, the second delivery of 350,000 vaccine doses from Biontech and Pfizer to Spain planned for Monday was delayed by one day due to logistical problems at the manufacturer in Belgium. “It seems to be a problem with the control of the temperature”, Spanish media quoted unanimously from a communication from Health Minister Illa. The preparation from Biontech and Pfizer must be cooled to minus 70 degrees if stored for a long time. The minister emphasized that seven other European countries were affected by the delay. It was not disclosed which these were. The problem in Belgium has now been resolved and the second batch of the vaccine should be available from Tuesday morning, assured Illa.

As in all EU countries, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 began rather symbolically in Spain on Sunday. Initially, only 9,750 vaccine doses were used, which Spain had received the day before. The first Spaniard to be vaccinated was Araceli Hidalgo, 96, in Guadalajara. For the next twelve weeks, the government in Madrid expects a total of around 4.6 million additional vaccine doses, with which almost 2.3 million of the 47 million citizens of Spain are to be vaccinated.

Spain is one of the European countries hardest hit by the pandemic. Almost 50,000 people have already died from or with the virus, according to official information; more than 1.8 million infections have been detected nationwide.

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