Viral: Woman who climbed the Chichén Itzá pyramid will receive administrative sanction

The woman who climbed the 92 steps of the main castle of Chichen Itza last Sunday, You will receive an “administrative penalty” that could be from 100 pesos to 50 thousand pesos, according to article 55 of the Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Monuments, revealed the Legal Director of INAH, Arturo Chap.

The official denied that the woman had gone up to the castle to dump her husband’s ashes, as was commented on the same day, and when the same municipal police from the Pisté police station, in Tinum, Yucatán (municipality where the archaeological zone is located), assured that the woman “had erratic behavior” so that they suspected that he had consumed some kind of substance or even alcohol.

He added that the “administrative sanction” is applicable to any “visitor who violates the legal framework in any archaeological zone or museum of the INAH.”

The INAH legal director pointed out that they corroborated the initial version that the woman went up to dump the ashes of her late husband and declared that “it was completely false.”

He stated that the INAH will take the corresponding measures so that these types of circumstances do not recur.

Since 2008, by provision of the Federal government, tourists and visitors in the different archaeological zones of the country were prohibited from climbing pyramids or monuments.


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