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Violent fight breaks out in Cereso de San Miguel

It allegedly occurred after a protest against the suspension of the conjugal visit

A heated quarrel started in the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) of Puebla in the colony Hills of San Miguel, which allegedly derived from a protest for the suspension of the conjugal visit because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although initially there was talk of a attempted riot, so far the police versions have only confirmed that a fight was generated in the area of processed that includes bedrooms “D” and “E”, without until 7:30 p.m. Department of Public Security has issued a position.

One of the unofficial versions indicates that the fight was generated by the protest of a group of people deprived of liberty (ppl), who demanded that the conjugal visit be resumed, which was restricted, in theory, to the most of the inmates.
This would have sparked a scuffle with the custodians prison for what the inmates would have taken as hostages to some of his guards, a situation that so far has not been confirmed either, due to the silence of the state authorities.
Some people who have communication with their relatives inside the prison assure that the most heated part took place in the prison. bedroom “E”, where there are presumably entrenched inmates, some even say that there are already people dead, without being able to confirm it either because the administration has not given them information.

For their part, police sources indicated that Cereso could already enter groups of riot police To contain the situation, however, the ambulances and patrols abroad have generated tension and uncertainty among family members.

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