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Violent entry of Ricardo Blanco in Concachampions goes around the world

The Saprissa defender hit Kai Wagner with a kick that disrupted the first leg of the Concachampions

The Costa Rican defender, Ricardo Blanco had an action in the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions League that has led to negative comments from fans around the world who disapprove of his action.

Saprissa fell 0 – 1 in front of Philadelphia Union, the game was coming to an end, but in an action in dispute at 94 ‘, Ricardo Blanco shocked the German, Kai Wagner on his right leg, a totally excessive action as the player rose and fell with his back on the pitch of La Cueva.

Immediately the game broke down, both teams got into a fight, the match was suspended for a few minutes and the yellow cards were visible for both teams.

Ricardo Blanco, who committed the foul was cautioned, but due to claims and because they were in the fight, Daniel Colindres and Michael Barrantes also received a yellow card. For the US squad, Gregory Monteiro and Jakob Glesnes were also painted.

Kai Wagner He stood up noticeably beaten and for a few minutes had to leave the field limping after the criminal entry.

The Sports Saprissa lost 0 – 1 to Philadelphia Union in the going of the rooms of the Concachampions, next week the purple squad must travel to the US to seek the comeback and stay alive in the competition.

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