violence in Mexico reached new levels in 2020

With the end of 2020 the second year of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has committed to all and all Mexicans to end the violence that has prevailed in our country for decades; however, we have not seen any decrease.

This year the case that most shocked the general population was that of the Mazahua children who first disappeared and then found their lifeless bodies within a few black bags that they were transferred by a man with the help of a “little devil” in the vicinity of the Mexico City.

It was speculated that the murders were the work of the criminal group The Union Tepito, because they wanted to pay a debt that the minors had with them; However, the mother denied this theory and asked that they no longer investigate her children.

Teenager in a suitcase

Last November, a crime similar to that of Mazahua minors shocked the country’s capital, after a 15-year-old adolescent was detained in the Guerrero neighborhood transporting the remains of another minor within a suitcase to abandon it near a market.

A day after the discovery, it was confirmed that the victim was a 14-year-old boy named Alessandro, who had been kidnapped days before after attending a soccer match and for whom they had requested ransom.

Pair of charred horsemen in Guanajuato

On December 8, the charred remains of the riders Karen Hervey Ruiz, originally from Querétaro, and her partner Lorenzo Ríos, inside an abandoned vehicle on a road in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, in Guanajuato.

The bodies of both victims were found days after their disappearance was made known. The State Prosecutor’s Office revealed that José Manuel “N”, alias “El Mane”, has already been linked to the process as the alleged person responsible for the murder.

Assassination of Ayelin Iczae in Guerrero

On October 15, Ayelin Iczae, aged 13, disappeared and four days later they found her lifeless in a ravine on the shores of the municipality of Tixtla, Guerrero. Unfortunately – as is often the case – the corresponding authorities had not made much progress in locating her, so a group of several people searched for her and were the ones who found the minor, who was 500 meters from her home.

Her parents had reported her missing and activated the Amber Alert. The girl’s body parts are believed to have been left at the site recently, because on Saturday they investigated the area and found nothing.

Assassination of Aristotle Sandoval

But the murders in the country are not only of the population in general, but also public figures and a clear example is the recent homicide of the former governor of Jalisco, Aristotle Sandoval, who was deprived of life in the bathroom of a restaurant-bar located in Vallarta Port.

“The former governor gets up from the table where he was with the rest of the diners, goes to the bathroom and in the bathroom is where he is attacked, apparently, by a subject directly, with a firearm from behind (sic) ”, detailed the attorney general of the entity, Gerardo Solís Gómez.

These are just a few cases of the thousands that occur in our country, since violence no longer respects social class, gender or age, steals lives in bulk and leaves the national territory with regrettable losses and full of blood.

It is worth mentioning that today, the undersecretary of the Department of Public Security, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, reported with the arrival of Andrés Manuel to the presidency, there was a slowdown in the growth trend of the homicides which started in 2014.

That is, as of 2018, the decrease in homicides began, according to the indicators presented, until in 2020, the first reduction in these cases was reached in 6 years; however, the amount of femicides in the country. This hate crime had an increase during 2020 of 0.3%.

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