“Violence against police officers”: anti-lockdown protest in Dublin escalates

“Violence against police officers”
Anti-lockdown protest escalates in Dublin

In Dublin, hundreds of people demonstrate against the lockdown in the Irish capital. There are also violent clashes with the police. When a man fired rockets at officials, the situation escalated.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in the Irish capital Dublin, some violently against the lockdown measures in the country. According to the Irish broadcaster RTÉ, there were clashes with the police when demonstrators tried to break into a centrally located park. Several people were arrested.

A video that is circulating on the Internet shows a man shooting at police officers with a kind of firework rocket. The situation then seems to escalate. Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was shocked. “Violence against police officers or anyone else is inexcusable,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Irish government recently announced that it would maintain the highest level of lockdown in the country until at least April 5th. However, the schools are to be gradually reopened from next month.

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