Violations of Corona requirements: Police dissolve New Year’s Eve party in Barcelona

Violations of corona requirements
Police break up New Year’s Eve party in Barcelona

This New Year’s Eve party near Barcelona continues well into the new year: only after 40 hours does the police break up a celebration that violates the Spanish Corona measures. The fines now threatened are high.

The Catalan police broke up a 40-hour illegal New Year’s Eve party near Barcelona with around 300 participants. The police said on Twitter that the organizers and the guests of the celebration are now being investigated. The party took place in an abandoned warehouse 30 kilometers northeast of Barcelona, ​​regardless of the applicable Corona requirements.

According to the police, the three organizers of the celebration who have already been arrested must expect fines of up to 600,000 euros. The party guests are threatened with fines of at least 3000 euros.

The celebration had started on New Year’s Eve in the small Catalan town of Llinars del Vallès. According to media reports, many of the party guests came from abroad. The police did not initially comment on these reports. Videos of the party show large groups of people dancing in the warehouse without gaps or masks. In front of the dance floor there was a huge skull wearing a Santa Claus hat.

When the police arrived, who also used a helicopter, there was a scuffle. When asked why the police did not break up the party until around noon on Saturday – hours after residents first complained – police officers told local media that it was a complex operation. They only intervened when they saw themselves in a position to ensure the safety of the officers and party guests.

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