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Villages, cities flooded – FLOOD DISASTER

Deep “Bernd” brings storm chaos to many parts of Germany. It was particularly intense in North Rhine-Westphalia.

► The threatening flooding tore the residents of the Martha Müller senior center in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia) out of their sleep!

The 76 residents of the Hagen home had to be woken up by the nursing staff on Wednesday night and taken to the dining room for safety.

AWO home manager Michael Hannemann (52): “In the time between the first call and my arrival at the home, the basement of the facility was already full to the ceiling.” Up to 211 liters of rain came down here per square meter.

“We then had to find vacancies in homes nearby in the middle of the night,” says Hannemann. It is unclear when the house will be habitable again.

The Bundeswehr arrived in Hagen with clearing tanks on Wednesday evening. Goal: clear the rubble from the streets. Mayor Erik O. Schultz broke off his vacation on Sylt and set off for Hagen. A city spokesman for BILD: “He is shocked by the situation.” NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (60) also wants to get an idea of ​​the situation in Hagen on Thursday.

Only 50 kilometers away in Mettmann, a tree fell on the employee of a retirement home. She was in the process of piling up sandbags at the house. Dramatic: Because she was trapped, a helper kept her head above water and saved her life!

► The whole city of Altena (North Rhine-Westphalia) mourns the loss of one of its hero firefighters! The rescuer (46) had pulled a man out of the floods together with colleagues. Tragic: when he got into the emergency vehicle, the 46-year-old fell into the water himself and was driven off! A little later, his colleagues were only able to rescue him dead.

► In addition to North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Upper Franconia and Baden-Württemberg were also inundated by heavy rain. There were many accidents and fire-fighting operations.

Family man and policeman Andreas G. (53) from Jöhstadt (Saxony) has been missing since the storm! He wanted to protect his property from the floods of the flooded Steinbach on Tuesday evening when he was carried away. Yesterday the rescuers stretched steel cables over the water in the area so that Andreas G. can grab them in an emergency.

Danger to life in Radevormwald! Because of extreme rainfall, large amounts of water have to be drained from the Wupper dam. Problem: As a result, the river level around Radevormwald will swell very strongly.

From the rescue control center of the Oberbergischer Kreis it says: “There is an acute danger of flooding. Under no circumstances should you go near the river. There is danger to life! “


“The special thing is that we are talking about standing weather. That means: The low pressure area is moving eastwards at a snail’s pace and this is how these large amounts of rain come about in one place, ”explains weather expert Karsten Brandt from the“ ”portal.

North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul (68, CDU) spoke of an “extremely difficult situation” in some regions of the state. “The further development cannot be foreseen with certainty at the moment.”

Deep “Bernd” is said to be raging, sometimes violently, in the coming days. Then the Rhineland around Cologne and Düsseldorf, Saarland and Hesse will be affected.

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