Villa Gesell underwater and red alert in Mar del Plata and Necochea

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) renewed this Wednesday the orange alert for rains and strong isolated storms for Pinamar and Villa Gesell, while for the first time issued a red alert for Necochea and Mar del Plata.

According to the report provided by the national body, throughout the day in Pinamar, Ostende, Valeria de Mar and Cariló, the sky will be covered with intense waterfalls, accompanied by winds from the east quadrant at 13 kilometers with gusts of 50 to 60 km / h.

The center of Pinamar flooded after the intense fall of water since the early morning.

The center of Pinamar flooded after the intense fall of water since the early morning.

In the same sense, the meteorological alert of intense rains with occasional hail falls for the coastal towns of Villa Gesell, Mar de las Pampas, Mar Azul and Las Gaviotas. Values ​​of accumulated precipitation between 70 and 100 mm during this Wednesday. The videos posted In social networks by tourists or locals they show that the water accumulated since the early morning overflowed the streets of Gesell and made it impossible to circulate cars.

In Villa Gesell, local media warned that the fall of “almost 100 mm of rain flooded the city, leaving cars under water and dragging one to the beach.” They also reported that “the firefighters had to make 25 exits during the morning and that they recommend not leaving their homes or accommodations.”

Mar del Plata and Sierra de Los Padres, according to the SMN report, will continue to be affected by heavy rains and isolated storms, accompanied by occasional hail fall. With overcast skies the wind blows from the east quadrant at 33 kilometers.

While for Necochea, Quequén and San Cayetano it is expected that the sky will continue to be covered with abundant waterfalls in short periods, accompanied by strong gusts of wind of up to 60 kilometers and occasional hail fall, according to the latest report provided by the National Meteorological Service.

Through the new early warning system, the national body indicates on a map the affected areas with colors ranging from green to red, through yellow and orange.

Level verde: Peace of mind (phenomena that involve risks are not expected); level yellow: Get informed (Possible meteorological phenomena with the capacity to damage and risk of momentary interruption of daily activities); level orange: Prepare yourself (Meteorological phenomena dangerous for society, life, property and the environment are expected); and Level Red: I followed official instructions (Exceptional meteorological phenomena with the potential to cause emergencies or disasters are expected).

Due to the alert Red, the first time you use the SMN, it is recommended to stay away from coastal and riparian areas, disconnect electrical appliances, avoid driving on flooded streets, know the evacuation places and elevated sites, communicate with local emergency agencies in case someone is affected by this phenomenon, and always have an emergency backpack ready with a flashlight, radio, documents and telephone.

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