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Villa Crespo: four criminals blew up an ATM and escaped with the money

The robbery occurred in Drago at 400
The robbery occurred in Drago at 400

Today at dawn, three criminals detonated an ATM of the Credicoop bank in Villa Crespo and took the money. The three men plus the driver of the vehicle with which they escaped are at large.

The incident occurred at 2 o’clock at the Luis María Drago branch at 400. It is a computer center of the bank, where two guards worked at that time, who were the ones who called 911.

Criminals blew up the ATM with butane gas
Criminals blew up the ATM with butane gas

According to police sources, private security saw three men and a gray Renault Logan vehicle with its driver, who was in front of the cashier. After a loud explosion, the criminals seized the money and escaped in the car. It was not yet possible to specify how much money they stole since the bank must replace the ATM.

After the 911 call, staff from Neighborhood Police Station 15B traveled to the branch. “Upon arrival they observed that the blindex doors of the cabin were broken and that there were cables on the ground”, described.

The case remained in the hands of the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 62 in charge of Dr. Yapur, Dr. Ferrer’s secretary, who ordered the intervention of the Explosives Brigade. The specialists examined the place and corroborated the use of a gas to violate the ATM, using cable and battery. Later the Criminalistics staff joined.


The criminals used butane gas to blow up the ATM. The images of the scene show glass and remains of the cashier that reached the sidewalk, plus some bills that were left in the rubble. Using the same methodology, Banco Credicoop had suffered a robbery at a Hurlingham branch in June of last year.

With the cameras of the bank and the area at their disposal, investigators review the videos to identify and find the criminals. So far there have been no detainees.

Meanwhile, the Explosives Brigade and the Criminalistics staff continue with the expert reports on the bank and the street remains closed for pedestrians.

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