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VIDEO: What is the Engel list and why will it impact El Salvador?

The United States Congress is expected to impose sanctions against the people mentioned in this list, including cancellation of American visas.

This list, which will be known in the coming days, is a requirement that the United States Executive acquired with the Congress of that country to present the names of officials linked to corruption and human rights violations in the Northern Triangle, the subregion that includes to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The obligation to present this list arose in December 2020, when then-Congressman Eliot Engel conditioned his support for a comprehensive package of legislation to address COVID-19 in the United States on the creation of a list of corrupt characters in the Northern Triangle. We tell you why it will impact El Salvador

What is the Engel List about and how could it affect the country? This video explains about this requirement that the United States executive sent to the congress of his country.

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