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Video: Volkswagen attacks Subaru Outback in latest ID.4 ad

Almost at the same time that the April Fools (the Anglo-Saxon version of the Holy Innocents) was advancing with its name change to Voltswagen, the German brand launched one of the two new advertisements that stars its new electric SUV. That statement diverted all attention, but after the commotion has had its level of prominence due to a reason: Volkswagen attacks the Subaru Outback in the latest Volkswagen ID 4 ad.

Subaru Outback 2021: this is the sixth generation

The video barely lasts 30 seconds in which the Wolfsburg brand explains the benefits and advantages of the ID.4 to ensure that it is the “best car for your family”. It is not the only reason he uses: they highlight the silence of the SUV’s powertrain, something that allows the driver and his companions to “enjoy the sounds of nature. So far there are no discordant notes.

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ID.4 vs Outback

It is then that a Subaru Outback (test) appears very briefly on the same mountain road that the Volkswagen is traveling. And it does so powered by its combustion engine, which interrupts the surrounding music. The German brand thus passively criticizes the owners of the aforementioned model, placing special emphasis on those who adorn the body with a sticker that says “I love Nature” (I love nature).

His censure of those who do not care about the environment serves to emphasize that the Volkswagen ID.4 helps protect the environment, while a traditional vehicle is harmful … and also makes noise. Another striking detail is the contrast between the impeccable appearance of the electric SUV and the dirty car body Subaru, alluding even more to the differences between the two.

Volkswagen, Subaru and the electrics

For the Germans, combined sales of combustion engine-powered SUVs in the United States reached almost 58,000 units in the first quarter of 2021. The Japanese, for their part, sold almost 139,000 copies in the same interval, although they are late to the electric wave.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess announces that they are considering a Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible

Its partnership with Toyota will lead to a zero-emission SUV: the Subaru Evoltis, which will arrive in spring 2022. Volkswagen, for its part, has invested heavily in its electric family which, after the ID.3 (test) and the ID.4, will be expanded this year with the arrival of the ID.5 and ID.6. Both will take over from the ID Buzz (scheduled for 2022), the ID.1 (2025) and the Volkswagen Trinity (2026).

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