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Video: US President Donald Trump came out of the hospital to greet supporters. america – World

Video: US President Donald Trump comes out of hospital to greet supporters

US President Trump appeared outside the hospital

US President Health Update: US President Donald Trump, who was hit by Corona infection, was seen greeting supporters outside the hospital on Sunday. Trump was sitting in his car shaking his hand and greeting the supporters.

Washington. US President Donald Trump, who was battling a coronavirus, was seen greeting supporters outside the hospital on Sunday. Trump has been admitted to the Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland and a large number of his supporters are also present outside the hospital. On Sunday, Trump came out in his car and shook hands and greeted the supporters who were praying for his safety.

In the video being shared on social media, it is seen that Trump is sitting in a car and is greeting the supporters standing outside the hospital. Earlier, Trump had released a four-minute video saying that – I am fine. However, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows had said that his situation was worrisome. Trump’s medical team said that his blood oxygen level had dropped twice during the illness. However, his condition is now fine and he has not had fever since Friday evening.

Trump released the videoThe President had released a video from the hospital on Saturday night and said – Now I feel better. Let’s see what happens in a day or two. I think the situation will be clearer then. In this video, he was seen in a trump suit although he did not wear a tie as usual.

According to some reports, Trump was already ill and the exact information was not officially given. According to the New York Times, Trump had trouble breathing since Friday morning. His oxygen level was also low and he was given oxygen in the White House.

Doctors said that President Trump, who is suffering from lung disease, was given supplementary oxygen twice on Thursday and Friday. Apart from this, Trump was given a dose of Dexamethasone. Dexamethasone has been considered effective in the treatment of patients suffering from oxygen deficiency. Dr. Brian Garibaldi said that Trump had been given dexamethasone due to lack of oxygen. He took his first dose on Thursday and we plan to continue it now.

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